Animal Adoptions
All of our animal ambassadors come to us with their own unique story. Some come because they were injured or orphaned and can't be re-introduced back into the wild. Others have come here because they were a family pet that needed a new home. A few times we received animals that have lived at zoos or other facilities and can no longer keep them. How ever they came to us they each have their own personalities, funny traits, and special adaptations that makes them unique.  Most of our animals will live out their lives here at Wild Wonders and some only for a season. No matter how long they are here, these animals will have the opportunity to touch and affect people's lives in a way nothing else can. The staff at Wild Wonders are dedicated to providing the best care, nutrition, attention, and positive training for each and every animal. 

Let's meet some of our animal ambassadors.   Double click on an image to see additional information about each animal.

***Not all of these animals travel all throughout the year. When requesting animals for your event please refer to the animal list that was emailed to you to find out which animals are traveling. Thank you.
Sometime we have animals that we can place up for adoption. These animals would make good family pets but, like we teach in our programs, make sure you do your research. What would make a good pet for one family might not make the best pet for another.
Where Wildlife Comes to You

Ring-tail  - An interesting animal to add to almost any event! Where would he be native to? What does he eat? Get these, and other questions answered.Raccoons - Help teach our raccoon twins proper education ediquite. We will learn, play, and feed them all while training them. African Pygmy Hedgehog -This little girl is one of the favorites no matter what age! Ever wonder how a hedgehog gets clean with all those quills?Tarantula - Ewww spiders! Except during shedding times, when she crawls out of her exoskeleton, she is a fun one for any event you are planning.  Umbrella Cockatoo - A crowd pleaser with any age! Green Iguanas - Have a reptile lover in the group? Learn how they defend themselves, what they eat, and where they live. Ferrets - Add some playful ferrets to your animal list and laugh as they show you their 'weasle war dance'.Green-Winged Macaw -She doesn't do well with younger birthday party groups but for a splash of color during your event, get her on your list.Bearded Dragons -These two are great for any occation! We will even pass them around so everyone can have an amazing 'tie' or 'necklace'. (Why a tie/necklace? Invite them to your next program and find out.)Coyote -Come see her at our facility and hear her howl with the birds! (she does not travel for programs currently) Boa Constrictor -Snakes added to any program brings a few shouts, but make one of them an 8' boa and you'll get an event to remember. Did you know snakes have a "second nose"?Hissing Cockroaches - Great creepy crawlies for any event! African Grey - Fully flighted, he can be added to any indoor event with smaller groups. (Larger groups tend to make him a little bit shy.)Chinchillas - How does a chinchilla keep themselves clean? With more than 100 hairs per folicle - you'd be surprised. Skunk - De-scented, of couse, but we don't have to tell that to your group. Mellow for any occation, he'll even cuddle with guests!Red Fox - Let's add something that no one will expect!Flemish giant rabbit - "wow!" "amazing!" "awww!" are just some of the things you'll hear with this big girl. They aren't called Flemish Giants for nothing.
Placing an animal with Wild Wonders

We understand that sometimes it becomes necessary to find another home for your family pet. Maybe you need to find someplace for animal babies that you weren't planning on. Whatever the reason, give Wild Wonders a call and we will help you get in contact with the right people, take in your pet until another home can be found, or place your pet into one of our education program so they can help teach people about animals. Here are some things to consider:

  • Wild Wonders can accept almost any exotic pet; bird, mammal, or reptile
  • Occasionally Wild Wonders will put appropriate animals up for adoption but if you prefer your pet to remain at Wild Wonders, we can accommodate that request
  • We wish we could take in every animal but occasionally we have to turn one away due to lack of space. We will do what we can to help you find another good home.
  • Please contact us for placement or if you have any additional questions

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